Rent the Honda Civic in Orange County and Los Angeles

Rent Luis’s Honda Civic for on Turo, where you can rent unique cars from local hosts, up to 35% less than car rental agencies.

Dana Point, CA

This Honda is gas friendly and nice to ride in.


Rent the Polaris Slingshot in Orange County California Down The Coast

Rent Luis’s Polaris Slingshot for a low price on Turo, where you can rent unique cars from local hosts in Orange County.
If you’re looking for something fun to ride down the Coast Line that is guaranteed to turn heads, then this Dark Knight Slingshot is for you.

“OMG, it’s the Batmobile!!”
Not only do you feel like a superhero cruising down the streets in this free flowing vehicle, but the attention that it garners is pretty awesome too.

The good thing about driving the Slingshot, is that if you’re going on the freeway by yourself then you can perfectly legally go on the carpool lane to save yourself time to get to your destination. It is considered a motorcycle and California requires that you wear a helmet (2 will be provided), but you don’t need a motorcycle to ride it on the road. A standard C class license is all that you need to enjoy that sunshine and cool breeze.