Massive ENERGY | NLP Anchoring

This is a cool video, where I teach you guys how to bring up an increased sense of intense ENERGY whernever you so wish to do so. I do it by a process called anchoring. Anchoring a tool that you use under the umbrella of NLP or Neuro Linguistic Prgoramming.


Change is Inevitable [Video]

For today’s video, I wanted to talk about change.

A lot has changed for me over the past year.. I also know that Change is going to continue to happen, and as Robert Gallagher says: “Change is Inevitable.” I have to accept that Change is a part of life. You have to embrace it. Learn from those experiences and grow from them.

Dr. Matthew James NLP | Luis Angel’s Mentors

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Hey what’s going on everyone.. This is Luis Angel right here with AE Mind (Accelerated Empowered Mind).

I just attended my second NLP Practioners training with Dr. Matthew James down here in San Diego California.

The knowledge that Dr. Matthew James has and the way he teaches that knowledge to his students, is unbelievable. He teaches you so well through all of his stories and metaphors. I was able to understand all of the concepts of NLP