2012 USA Memory Championship SHOWDOWN | Nelson Dellis, Ron White, Michael Mirski

2012 USA Memory Championship Final 3 Showdown!: http://www.usamemorychampionship.com
Nelson Dellis: http://ClimbforMemory.com
Ronnie White: http://BrainAthlete.com
Michael Mirski

What’s good everyone.. this is the Final Showdown with the Last 3 Mental Athletes in this year’s Memory Championship!

As you can see it was pretty exciting..

Congratulations to Nelson Dellis for taking home his second Championship!

Ron White is a 2x Memory Athlete himself.


Water Relaxation and Rejuvenation | Hypnosis Visualization

This is a Free Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy with Guided Visualization session to help you feel more rejuvenating and relaxed.

The only requirements for this to work are the Following:
–You must be able to close your eyes.
–You must be able to listen to Directions
–You must want to feel totally relaxed

That’s it.. Enjoy

Kony 2012 | My Pledge and Contribution

In this video, I pretty much show my support for the film and the movement to bring Justice to the people of Uganda, by donating and crontributing $25 to the cause. I urge all of you to do the same. Donate more.. donate less, get some posters, shirts, do something to spread the word so that We All can show Joseph Kony that what he is doing is going to come to an END!

I will help You Create The Ultimate YOU to Find Your Purpose in Life and achieve Success for $5

I am a Certified HypnoTherapist and an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practioner. I have used these tools to help me and my friends and family members to find our Purpose in Life and to also get on the path to achieving Success