Go For It – You’re in the NBA Finals | Motivational T Days

I wanted to do a simple but powerful visualization session with you right now to just put you into the shoes of a champion. I want you to fee like you are the best player in your own NBA Basketball team and you are making not only yourself better but those around you better as well. I want you to imagine that you Take the Final Shot in the FINALS and win the CHAMPIONSHIP! and as you reflect back on your life, you think about all of the Struggles and Work that you had to put in, day in and day out. That hard work and dedication brought you to this moment in time. To where now it’s time to celebrate!


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What’s going on.. My Name is Luis Angel in case you don’t know me as of yet.

I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and an NLP Practioner. What that simply means, is that I know how to HELP YOU Tap into your SubConscious Mind so that you can Unlock YOUR FULL MINDS POTENTIAL!

How to Memorize Anything- Live Demo | Memory Training

Learn How To Memorize Anything with this simple 5 step system.

All you need is the Following:

1. Focus
2. File- Place to store data or information
3. Picture- In you mind create a clear Picture of the data or information that you want to Memorize
4. Glue- Now you need to add action and emotion to the picture and the File
5. Review- You need to go back and in your mind bring up the vivid and clear images that you were able to visualize and create.