How to Memorize Numbers Part 3 | Pictures 10-19 | Memory Training | USA Memory Championship

In this Memorize Numbers, Memory training video, I show you how to turn the numbers 10-19 into pictures. This will improve the way that you are able to remember numbers.


How to Memorize Numbers Part 2 | Numbers to Pictures 0-9 | Memory Training | USA Memory

This is a Memory Training video where I show you how to Memorize Numbers. In today’s video we are going to be translating the Numbers 0-9 into pictures. You will be able to Memorize numbers a lot better when they are in pictures.

How to Memorize Numbers Part 1 | Memory Training Brain Gym | USA and World Championship

Make sure to check out for more Mind Empowering Working Memory Training videos to help you Improve your Memory, Increase your Focus & Attention, and Accelerate the Rate at which you Learn!I am making this video right now to Show those of you that want to truly improve their memory, focus, and accelerate the rate at which you learn, how to memorize Numbers.