Flying Wing plane funded by NASA goes Supersonic! | Science Update

Flying Wing Plane funded by NASA.. Plane travels at supersonic speeds when turned 90 degrees.. Looks like a 4 point ninja star…
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Neil Armstrong Is a World Hero! | Leaving a Lasting LEGACY!

Neil Armstrong just passed away but he left behind a legacy and he was a, true world hero!
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I talk about how Neil Armstrong didn’t just do the whole Moon Landing thing for himself or for his own ego, he wanted to represent his country and the people of the entire world! Remember he said “That’s one small step for man, one Giant Leap for MandKind”

Here is the Article that talks about Neil Armstrong:

I want you to use his story as motivation and inspiration that you too can truly leave a lasting legacy that will live long after you have passed on! What are you doing today to make sure that that happens?

-Luis Angel Echeverria

Mars Curiosity Rover working Just Fine says NASA | Science updates

Curiosity Rover passed a few of the tests that it ran says NASA
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Insight to Mars … New NASA Mission

NASA has approved a new 2016 Mission to Mars.. Mission is called Insight.

The upcoming mission will look at the interior of Mars, as Los Angeles Times science writer Amina Khan reported Tuesday (article here: “InSight’s instruments will be designed to pick up any seismic activity rumbling through the planet; take note of any meteor impacts on the surface; burrow as much as 16 feet deep to study how heat flows underground; and measure how Mars’ two moons exert tidal forces on the planet, causing it to stretch one way or another.”

This mission to Mars with Insight beat out it’s 2 competing missions.. A mission to Saturn’s Moon Titan and a mission to a comet.

Make sure to let me know if this Mission to Mars by NASA’s JPL is a good idea or not.