Gold went from $35 to $200… So can Silver | Gold and Silver Pt. 8

Today’s Silver Price: $34.14 per oz (ounce) Kitco Silver

What’s good.. This is Luis Angel with AE Mind Money. In this video, I choose to talk about a portion of Mike Maloney’s (of Rich Dad) Book “A Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver”..

In Chapter 5, Mike Maloney talks about how Brenton Woods formed and what happened with Gold During and After Nixon put an end to the Brenton Woods system. Let me give you the excerpt from the book:

“Gold had stated rising from $35 per ounce almost immediately after leaving the dollar. But in 1971, anyone who said it could reach $50 per ounce was considered crazy, and anyone who said that $100 was possible was tied up and hauled away. But…


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