Healthy Smoothie Recipes – Juice to Boost Brain Power and Improve Memory

As part of our Healthy Smoothie Recipes Series, I want to show you how to make a Brain Power Boosting Purple Blueberry and Strawberry Smoothie Juice Drink in order to improve your memory on cognitive performance abilities.


How to Remember Names in 3 Simple Steps

Do you ever have a hard time remembering the names of the people that you meet? Learn from a memory coach, Luis Angel, how to memorize anyone’s name.

How to Remember Names and Faces Using Memorize Anything Technique – Memory Training – Video Dailymotion

Learn How to Remember Names and Faces very quickly by going to: for the Free E-Book of all of the names that I have converted into pictures. Contact/Bring Luis Angel to Your School or Company: Subscribe: Like @ Follow @ IG @AEMindMemory This is Luis Angel with AE Mind! How many times does this happen to you? You meet someone new at a party, networking event, classroom, or at the grocery store and two seconds after you shake hands and introduce each other, you forget that person’s name? This used to happen to me all of the time. Then I learned the Key To Memorizing Anything, Quickly! Do you want to know what that Key is to Unlock your own Memory Powers Now? The Key to Memorization is Visualization.

Luis Angel Memory Coach with AE Mind

This is Luis Angel Echeverria. I am your Memory Coach and Mind Coach.
I am the creator of AE Mind (Accelerated Empowered Mind), was the Youngest American to Compete in the World Memory Championships, and Coached the AE Mind Team to a Gold Medal in the Numbers Event at the USA Memory Championship!