Luis Angel Echeverria: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Amazon Kindle

Luis Angel Echeverria struggled in school growing up. He had a 1.0 GPA his Freshman year and ended his Senior year in high school with a slight increase to a 1.75 GPA. He then went on to learn how to improve his memory from his memory coach and raised his grades in college to a 4.0 GPA!

See what other things Luis Angel has accomplished by improving his memory and the memory of thousands of others who struggle with retaining information.

* Founder and Main Memory Coach at AE Mind | Accelerated Empowered Mind

* Competed in the USA Memory Championship
o Memorized a 114 digit number in 5 minutes with Perfect Recall
o Memorized a Deck of Cards in 2 min. 40 sec. with Perfect Recall
* Was the Youngest American to Compete in the World Memory Championship

* Coached the AE Mind Memory Team to a 1st Place Medal in the Numbers event at the USA Memory Championship
* Started AE Mind Memory Clubs in Los Angeles High Schools and in Universities such as UC Irvine and UC Santa Barbara.


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