Heather with Coldwell Banker on the Memory Improvement Presentation – AE Mind Memory Training

In today’s video we have Coldwell Banker give us feedback on our Better Memory Now presentation. They also recommend you have AE Mind Memory Coach Luis Angel come to your Business and share his wisdom!


Give Back to Those in Need! – AE Mind Memory Training

This is your AE Mind Memory Coach Luis Angel telling you to give back to those in need! There are many who do not have enough to eat or a place to sleep but we can change that!

Life's Hall of Fame | The Script – AE Mind Memory Training

I listen to that song by The Script and Will.I.Am, almost everyday. It get’s me thinking that I must continue to do the right activities on a daily basis so that I can be placed in Life’s Hall of Fame when it is my turn to kick the can many, many, many years from now.

Find Solutions To Life Through Experiments! – AE Mind Memory Training

This is Luis Angel, your AE Mind Coach. In today’s video, I wanted to Focus on Finding Solutions to the problems that you might face throughout your life, by experimenting on a regular basis. The powerful question to ask is, “What would happen if I did this?” What happens when you ask that question, is that you peak your mind’s curiosity and now it want to find an answer to that question