Medical Terminology – PTOSIS | Memorize Nursing Vocab Words Terms

Learn how to memorize Medical Terminology Suffix, -Ptosis. Pre Med and Nursing Medical School Students can easily master medical vocabulary words and terms using the AE Mind Memory System taught by Memory Master, Luis Angel


Medical Terminology – PTOSIS | Memorize Suffix Words | Memory Training | Learn Biology Vocabulary – YouTube

▶ Medical Terminology Mastery Book: ▶ How to Memorize Med Terms – “PTOSIS” – Suffix | Memory Training Students | Biology Vocabula…

Japanese Numbers | Counting 1-10 | How to Learn a New Language

Learn How to Count Japanese Numbers from 1-10 by Memory Master Champion, Luis Angel. As he prepares for the Tokyo Japan Memory Championship, he wanted to memorize some words and learn how to count in Japanese using the memory techniques.