How Questions Affect Your Brain and Reality | Mind Updates – Psychology | Focus Strategies

Let’s talk about how questions have a powerful effect on our reality and what actually happens in our brain when we ask a question.


How to Remember Names and Faces | AE MInd Memory Training

Learn how to remember names and faces with AE Mind Memory Training Coach and Memory Master Champion, Luis Angel. Master the art of memorizing anyone’s name!

Find Solutions To Life Through Experiments! – AE Mind Memory Training

This is Luis Angel, your AE Mind Coach. In today’s video, I wanted to Focus on Finding Solutions to the problems that you might face throughout your life, by experimenting on a regular basis. The powerful question to ask is, “What would happen if I did this?” What happens when you ask that question, is that you peak your mind’s curiosity and now it want to find an answer to that question

Leap Into Uncertainty with Kyle Cease! – AE Mind Memory Training

I was at Kyle Cease’s Escape from Mediocrity event this past weekend and WOW was it one of the most powerful events that I have ever attended! I learned a lot about so many things especially about being okay with taking that leap into uncertainty.

My Passion Wakes Me! – AE Mind Memory Training

What’s Good!!
Hope you are having a Phenomenal Day! Check this out, in today’s video I wanted to share with you my Passion! You see, I just received my “No Alarm Clock Needed, My Passion Wakes Me” Shirt by Eric Thomas, and I’m super pumped. Not just because I got a cool new shirt, but because of what this shirt represents to me.